Which web host should include

Which web host should include

What is web hosting? Do I need to pay web hosting or can I go well with the vacant? The terms used may not be clear to those who do not know what the host is.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a way to assign a website to the Internet. Once you have placed the site on a server the one who can access it has written a domain name in the address bar. Access to the website is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To place the site on a network it is necessary

First of all, having your own website. It is necessary to have a website copy on the local computer in HTML files or finished materials + a script that would allow to create a website on a server directly.

A domain name. It is necessary to find and get a domain name on a website. It is desirable that the name corresponds to the subject on the site and this name should be remembered. Domain name can be in any one of your choice, domain allowed zone, for example .com .net .org .ru etc. Domain permissive zone selection is governed by data on domain topics. Domains. Com, for example, are intended for websites of a commercial trend, .org official bodies and government organizations. Regional domains are talking about an accessory to any region. This is an optional rule, but it is necessary to remember it.

To order one of the hosted times in the company that provides hosting services.

What is server?

It is the computer located with the Internet service provider and connected to a world network where the websites copy is stored. A server usually contains many websites at the expense of the large disk space. But as a whole it does not matter. This is not important to the server, but its computational capacity and capacity for the providers Internet channels.

With the help of a web browser web site review software, you can access your site after writing the website address in the address bar.

Web hosting can be compared to property rent. The number of companies is ready to host the friendly price, but not many can provide the right quality. Talk about hosting costs, it is necessary to mark it for most websites, the card cost per month can not exceed 10 US dollars. Within this cost, it is possible to find a hosting company, which provides about 300 megabytes of disk space on a server and all possible features, such as installation and execution of scripts, database support, control panel ie, your management panel of a website where not only location adjustments are made but also email customization.

If you plan to create your own website on the network, it is necessary not only to decide which level the website should be, but also to choose a supplier properly. Statistically, over 70 percent of the sites owned owners from a host at least once. Changing a supplier is explained by a good dissatisfaction with given hosting services.

In fact, all suppliers say they are the best and have the lowest prices. And then it seems that the support service does not respond or respond, but with delay its freezing a server from time to time because of the large charge. Such caution in the selection of the supplier can give the big losses.

Imagine what means that there is no access to a business location where every half hour updates important information for employees located in remote branches of the company. Imagine that the companys potential customers can not get a contact phone or an email address because they can not access a website. Probably in half an hour, they will find another company, your competitor. And they will not make the second attempt to get on your site. The damage from freezing servers can be huge.

In order to avoid mistakes in hosting, it is necessary to visit forums and grading sites where hosting companies are discussed. It will be helpful to carefully read customer opinions about different hosting companies. The time spent for forums studying and responding to reading will respond to the stability of your website operation.

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