Probably you have come across that friend or neighbor who believes that there’s no difference between any forms of water. According to such people water is water and it doesn’t matter whether it’s soft or hard. What matters is getting their clothes ready, putting them in the washing machine, dumping in some detergent, and press some button. Well, we both know that things are never that simple. As par Water Softener System San Antonio, you must understand that the type of water you’re using at home has a huge impact on your laundry.

If you’ve been thinking the problem is with your detergent or appliances, it’s time to reconsider that. Chances are the problem is with your water. One of the things every homeowners needs to understand is that hard water can be found anywhere, whether you’re using municipal water or using well water in the rural areas. As a matter of fact, 85 percent of the water across the United States is hard water. Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These are the main hardness minerals in water and can result in many problems when cleaning your clothes.

  • Clothes Becoming Discolored and Dull

The hardness minerals in hard water hinder the effectiveness of soap and detergent when cleaning. The minerals make it difficult for water to mix with the detergent leading to soap scum. That chalky substance you usually see on your shower and sink is what you’ll see on your laundry. Your clothes will end up looking dingy and even attract more dirt.

Hard water could also be causing the mysterious reddish brown stains you’ve been seeing on your clothes recently. The presence of iron minerals in your water is what is causing this stains.

  • Skin Irritation

If your skin is sensitive, using hard water to clean your laundry will result in irritated skin. Your skin can turn red due to the irritating residue. The residue may also cause an increase in dryness and chafing.

  • Sheets and Towels feel Scratchy and hard

If you’ve been using hard water you’ll agree to the fact that it feels different on your skin. Furthermore, hard water ruins the appearance of your laundry. Who doesn’t want comfy sheets and fluffy soft towels? Cleaning your towels and sheets using hard water only makes them hard and scratchy. After some time, you’ll notice they have become less absorbent.

  • Using more Detergent when Cleaning

What you’ve not yet realized is that much of the detergent you’re using when cleaning your clothes is being used to soften the water. That’s why you can’t understand why you keep spending more on the detergent. The only option for the clothes to be clean is using hotter water and more detergent. Using hot water means paying more on your energy bills while more detergent means spending more money on the same.

Soft water is what you need for your laundry and installing a water softener system is the best solution to your laundry problems. The work of a water softener system is to get rid or deactivate the hardness minerals. Contact BioTech Water Researchers for more information on water softener systems.